Core Certification Training

We regularly offer key training that supports Prevention Specialist (re)certification. View our event calendar to register.

The EIP introduces the six principles of the Prevention Code of Ethics and provides an ethical decision-making model to assess, address, and evaluate a range of ethical issues.

CEHs:6.5 Prevention (IC&RC Prevention Specialist Domain 6)

Occurs: 1st week of the month in Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Sep, Nov, and Dec

Participants advance their understanding of the Prevention Code of Ethics, discuss ethical issues related to prevention topics, and practice applying the ethical decision-making model in real world situations.

CEHs:6.0 Prevention (IC&RC Prevention Specialist Domain 6)

Occurs: 1st week of the month in Jan, Mar, May, Jul, and Oct

The PST provides an overview of prevention’s underlying principles through 5 distinct 3-hour modules:1. Elements of Cultural Competency 2. Child and Adolescent Development -3. Risk and Protective Factors4. A Lifespan Approach to Prevention 5. Strategies for Strengthening Families.

CEHs: 18.0 Prevention (IC&RC Prevention Specialist Domains 1,2,4,5)

Occurs: 2nd week of the month, each month

The four-day SAPST is grounded in recent research and SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to cover topics from the public health approach to prevention through each step of the SPF.

CEHs: 26.0 Prevention (IC&RC Prevention Specialist Domains 1,2,4,5)

Occurs:3rd and 4th Tuesdays and Thursdays in Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

Additional Online Learning

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About Us

More About Texas Prevention Training

Who We Are

Through a contract with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, we - Community Advocacy Research and Evaluation Consulting Group, Inc. - carry out the Texas Prevention Training Services scope of work. Because the workforce development needs of the Texas prevention and behavioral health promotion field are unique, we are committed to adult learning best practices to meet those needs. Project Director Audrey Spanko leads the Texas Prevention Training (TPT) Team with support from Project Coordinator Lourdes Holloway, Senior Project Manager Michaela Flores, and Director of Programs & Training Nicole Luciani.

What We Do

TPT brokers, coordinates, develops, and delivers training for Texas Health and Human Services Commission-funded prevention and behavioral health promotion prevention providers. This includes providing: a) Core certification prevention training (e.g., Ethics in Prevention); b) Youth Prevention curriculum training (e.g., Positive Action); c) prevention competency training (e.g., Youth Mental Health First Aid); and d) the Annual Prevention Providers' Meeting in summer and Annual Prevention Directors' Meeting in winter. Currently, we deliver all training and technical assistance services virtually (live online) to prioritize the safety of participants and trainers.

Why We're Here

The TPT Team is committed to supporting and enhancing the capacity of the Texas substance (mis)use prevention and behavioral health promotion workforce and their community stakeholders. Through partnerships with credentialed trainers, established curriculum developers, local and national subject matter experts, and the eleven Prevention Resource Centers across Texas, we aim to provide high quality training and technical assistance services. With team members who are certified prevention or social work professionals, TPT believes in the power of prevention and behavioral health promotion for healthier Texas communities.

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